Textile Restoration Specialists in Downers Grove, IL

Get your businesses moving again when you hire a team of textile restoration specialists in Downers Grove, IL, that are focused on commercial clients. Our technicians have been trained to restore the documents and equipment your business needs to succeed. We offer a level of specialization that other companies are unprepared to provide.

Fire is capable of destroying a good percentage of your paper documents and files, but many survive due to the tightly packed folders they occupy. Any restoration group you hire for file recovery must have a secure process in place. Your offices may also contain valuable works of art and electronics that you depend on every day. We are prepared to document, photograph, and restore every file that is recoverable.

Every detail matters when it comes to getting your business back in motion. Our group takes the time to not only restore your documents but also order them as well. In many cases, our team may freeze a series of soaked documents to prevent any additional level of damage. Consider all of this before disaster strikes, and have a restoration plan in place that includes this team of experienced technicians.

A Cost-Effective Art Restoration Service

The artwork that graces the walls of your office represents a serious investment on the part of your organization. Any flooding or fire may leave your paintings and other items looking a little worse for wear. Before you throw out any damaged painting or soot-covered photograph, get a full evaluation from our art restoration professionals. We package and prioritize your items and return them to you securely.

Documents and Data Recovery

Our full suite of document restoration services is especially important for businesses across our area. The efforts to put out a fire at your office may leave your paper documents soaked and covered in soot. Once we take possession of your documents, we carefully inspect the items and craft a recovery plan that fits your needs. This may include copying and scanning of the items, and freeze drying to stop any further damage.

This advanced facility is equipped with the technology needed for removal of smoke damage and burnt edge removal. Our disinfecting and sanitizing process prevents the growth of mold, and it leaves your documents smelling fresh as well. This process minimizes the level of disruption you experience at your office, and it leaves your facility looking and smelling better than it ever did before.

Contact our textile restoration specialists today to preserve the artwork that defines your organization. We proudly serve customers in Downers Grove, Illinois, and surrounding communities.