Hire a disaster recovery company that specializes in the restoration of fine art and essential documents. Contents Recovery Experts is the one to turn to in the aftermath of any catastrophic event.  CRE has locations in Chicago, IL, Madison, WI, Brookfield, WI and Overland, MO.  We are available and experienced for commercial losses all over the United States.  We’ve helped many businesses from coast to coast.

Fire is sure to leave your linens and drapery covered in soot, and a flood is likely to invite an infestation of mold and mildew. While other organizations focus on removing the water from your basement and the damaged baseboards from your living room, our group takes restoration to the next level. At our advanced facility, the team accurately catalogs and cleans a broad range of items, including textiles, electronics, and artwork.

Save the items and documents that your family loves and your business depends on. We make it possible to put the pieces of your life back together safely and securely. Our attention to detail makes all the difference in the world, and our leadership team is ready to take on whatever challenge you face. From our base of operations in the Chicagoland area, we are prepared to offer recovery services to those most affected by floods, tornadoes, and other large-loss catastrophic events.

A Proven Process

In the blink of an eye, most of your physical possessions could be soaked by an oncoming flood. Even a small fire could leave your favorite paintings covered in soot. You can save much of what looks like a lost cause when you hire the right team of restoration professionals. If a disaster has struck your business, much of your proprietary information and documentation could be scattered about and burned beyond recognition. With so much to consider during the process of recovery, it just makes sense to hire one group with the tools and talents needed for this type of project.

Your home or business will look as good as new when you hire a team that is capable of cleaning and cataloging all of your possessions. We are ready to clean the taxidermy, textiles, clothing, and even the rugs in your home. The cleaning is just one aspect of what we do for those who are recovering from a disaster. Each item is photographed, removed, cleaned, and stored safely away until you have secured your structure.

A Team You Can Talk to

Start a conversation with one of our sales team members, and learn more about our textile restoration process. Everyone from our CEO to our electronics department manager is ready to answer any of the questions you may have during this difficult period of recovery. Art Restoration Experts (ARE) is a division of our company dedicated to restoring works of art. Our staff members include:

  • James Ko- Textile Specialist
  • Steve Garner – Document Specialist 
  • Jaclyn Moore- Electronics Specialist
  • RJ Guarducci– Warehouse Manager
  • Jessica Price- Art Specialist

Contact us today for commercial and residential restoration. We proudly serve customers from our Illinois, Wisconsin and Missouri locations.